• Handmade in South Africa
• Lightweight Featuring Carbon Performance Parts
• Worldwide Shipping*
• Handpainted Livery
• Highest Quality On The Market
• Runs Stable & Responsive At 72mph
• Aero+Hydrodynamics Develop A Flying Effect At Full Speed
• Use As Raceboat / Hunting Boat / Tender / Toy

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Featuring carbon fiber performance parts, handmade in South Africa, the new VÉHICULE RACING CAT design has evolved from many years of on the water testing and development by Mark Louw, two time holder of the South African Inflatable Racing Championships and holder of 2 prestige Trans Agulhas Championships. It has been designed and built to combine the best racing models that he used to win the South African Championships and Trans Agulhas long haul racing events.

The design combines speed, handling and strength that surpasses any other craft in its class. Its unique tunnel hull design combines aero and hydrodynamics developing a phenomenal, flying effect at full speed.

The craft is stable and responsive at speeds of up to 116 kilometres per hour. The tunnel hull helps to stabilize the boat when running in rough water, and to maintain a level angle of attack even when the boat is airborne. The RACING CAT enters and exits the water on a level plane, and so when returning to the water the tunnel compresses the air underneath it softening the landing.


Length Overall: 4195 mm
Length Internal: 2300 mm
Beam Max: 2030 mm
Beam Internal: 972 mm
Tube Diameter: 520 mm
Buoyancy: 805 kg
Pax/Persons: 2 Racing
Payload: 250 kg
Weight: +- 85 kg


Production and shipping timeline TBD and depending on customizations. We ship worldwide, air freight from South Africa to nearest hub included, door to door shipping TBD. All sales are final. We do not offer cancellations or refunds.


Véhicule Racing Cat
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